The Foodie Sailing Charter Greece

Food you have to try in greece

The foodie sailing charter greece

food you have to try in greece

Are you a foodie looking to try the most incredible, authentic Greek food imaginable? Then a sailing charter is the perfect option for you. Why a sailing charter?

The options are limitless.

You will have the opportunity to visit way more islands on a sailing charter versus island-hopping by ferry. In addition, a sailing yacht can take you to spots around Greece only accessible by boat. And, trust me, the more secluded the area, the more delicious the food!

Wherever you end up along the way, your skipper will share his local, expert knowledge, ensuring you always end up at the most authentic tavernas. 

Follow along to experience a virtual ‘’foodie’’ sailing charter!

1. syros island

food you have to try in greece

Imagine you just arrived at Syros island by ferry. From the ferry you take a short taxi ride to Finikas Marina, located at the south side of the island. Your skipper greets you and helps carry your luggage to the beautiful, private sailing yacht you and your friends or family will call home for the next five days. 

At this point, you are a bit jet-lagged, tired, and definitely hungry. You ask your skipper for dinner recommendations and he suggests To Limanaki. To Limanaki is an authentic, Greek taverna located a minute’s walk from your yacht. 

Take a seat at an outdoor patio table, overlooking the quaint harbour, picturesque Greek landscape, and the crystal clear Aegean sea. You receive a menu with a plethora of options. But, which are Syros specialties? 

Syros specialties

syros sausage (Loukanika)

food you have to try in greece

Every island will offer a sausage option, but the Syros sausage is by far the most delicious and unique. The Syros sausage is described as aromatic due to the special addition of fennel to the recipe. 

food you have to try in greece

Giant Beans (Gigantes)

This dish is common all throughout Greece. However, the best giant bean dish in all the Cyclades is served at To Limanaki in Finikas, Syros. It is a menu item that is commonly overlooked due to the simplicity of its name, but it is definitely one you don’t want to miss!

2. sifnos island

It is day two of your charter and you embarked from Syros early to arrive at the Plati Gialos marina in Sifnos. Sifnos is known to be the Cyclades island with the most delectable food. So, no matter which taverna you decide on for dinner, you will thoroughly enjoy your meal. However, there is one taverna in Sifnos that is a stand-out among the rest, To Steki. 

To Steki is a one minute walk from where your yacht is docked in Plati Gialos, Sifnos and situated on the beach. Here, your views are even more beautiful than the night before. 

Every dish is delicious at To Steki, but here are a couple Sifnos island specialties!

Sifnos specialties

food you have to try in greece

Lamb Kleftiko

food you have to try in greece

This lamb dish will melt in your mouth. It is an oven baked lamb, cooked in parchment paper with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and other herbs. Typically served alongside french fries.

food you have to try in greece

Lamb Mastelo

Lamb Mastelo is a slow braised lamb and a traditional Sifnos dish. It is cooked overnight in a clay pot and is a must-try when visiting Sifnos.

3. Paros Island

Day three of your sailing charter is spent on the island of Paros. There are multiple harbours to choose from here, so I won’t be highlighting a specific taverna, but rather the style of Paros cuisine.

Paros is home to a multitude of expats, so many tavernas have added a twist to traditional Greek dishes. For example, some establishments top fava with caramelised onions, which is untraditional but delicious!

Other restaurants have added a southeast asian twist to classic Greek dishes. So, if you’re interested in sampling Greek food with a unique spin, Paros is the perfect stop for you! 

4. Naxos Island (Kalados)

food you have to try in greece

We are spending day four in Naxos. Naxos is the largest Cyclades island and is most known for its cheese, meat and octopus. However, there is one harbour in Naxos that is barely known at all, and that’s Kalados. 

In Kalados, Naxos there is a tiny harbour that only fits about three boats. The landscape in Kalados is otherworldly. There’s a stunning beach next to the harbour, but no beach bars nor tourist shops. So, you won’t see too many people at this stop. However, you’ll likely see goats, horses and pigs roaming the area behind the secluded, sandy beach.

I know what you’re thinking, if there aren’t any tourists, shops, or beach bars, where will we eat? You will eat at the best ‘’restaurant’’ in the Cyclades. 

Above the harbour, up a steep hill, you will see a tiny trailer. Yes, that’s where that amazing smell is coming from. Once you hike up the hill you’ll be welcomed by a husband and wife who raise their own livestock, make their own cheese and wine, and grow their own vegetables.

They don’t have a menu and serve only a few dishes, but everything is as fresh and incredible as it gets. 

The goat chops are unbelievable, the fries are to-die-for, the salad is fresh and flavorful, I won’t even get started on the cheese, and don’t forget to try the fried eggplant and fried zucchini. Last but not least, the local wine is interesting and unsuspecting to say the least. In other words, your hike down the hill, in the dark, will be a bit more challenging after a few glasses!

food you have to try in greece

5. Naxos (main harbour)

It’s day four and you sailed to the main port of Naxos. There’s a lot more life over on this side of the island, boasting a plethora of restaurants, bars, shops, boats and people. 

A common sight to see while walking around will be octopus hanging outside of tavernas, like clothes hanging from a clothes line. Octopus is a delicacy in Naxos, and most tavernas serve it on the menu. If you have never tried it, or want to try it in Greece, Naxos is the place to be.


It is day five, and unfortunately, it’s time to leave the yacht after an amazing island-hopping vacation. 

I hope you enjoyed the unique experience of visiting a new place each day and trying the best food the Cyclades has to offer.

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Food you have to try in Greece


Sail Greece in October

why october is the best time to visit greece

why october is the best time to visit greece

Are you planning on a Greek vacation? Do you want to explore Greece when the weather is still beautiful, but not too hot, the prices are reasonable, and the crowds are fewer? October is the perfect month for you!

october is the best time to visit greece

october rates

Sailing charters:

Are you planning on exploring the Greek islands in October? The absolute best way to visit the islands of Greece is onboard a private sailing yacht. I know, it sounds fancy and expensive, but it is truly the most affordable way to make the most of your trip. Instead of hopping on long ferry rides, checking in and out of hotels, dragging your luggage around from place to place, opt for a sailing charter. 

Your stress stops at boarding. Visit a new island each day, and explore parts of Greece only accessible by boat. Sail peacefully from one stop to the next, sunbathe on deck with a cocktail in hand. Your skipper has a plethora of local knowledge at your disposal so you can get the most out of your holiday.

This option is even more affordable than the typical travel route (booking hotels and travelling island to island by ferry). For example, in October, you can book a luxury catamaran charter for 50% off! The catamaran holds eight guests comfortably. Your skipper has kite-surfing gear, diving gear, snorkelling gear, paddle boards and a dolphin board on the yacht. For 480 Euros per day, for a three day or longer trip, you and seven of your friends or family can sail the Greek islands on a private yacht. 

luxury catamaran rental greece

why october is the best time to visit greece


If you are prone to seasickness, don’t worry, October hotel rates are also more affordable. October is the perfect time to make your dream Santorini experience come true. You know those photos of hotels with the private balconies, overlooking the Aegean sea and famous santorini sunset? Yes, you can stay in a hotel or Airbnb like that for a fraction of the price in October. 


If you are an avid shopper, like myself, and are interested in what Greece has to offer, October is the perfect time to splurge. Greek boutiques and designers are unbelievable, offering one-of-a-kind pieces. Picture intricate, hand-made jewellery, ethereal dresses, and stunning art and pottery…for less. 

Stores typically close on the islands by the end of October or early November. So, most shops want to sell as much of the summer collection as they can before closing for the season. What does this mean? Mega sales! 


Of course, October is not as hot as July and August in Greece, but it’s definitely not cold. It’s hot enough to swim, lay on the beach, and get a beautiful, vacation tan. But, it’s not so hot that you sweat through your clothes from 7:00AM to 10:30PM. It is hot during the day and then cools down to a comfortable temperature at night. 

Not only are the temperatures more mild, but the wind speeds are as well. July and August in Greece are notorious months for strong north winds. The wind speeds can be so high during those months you can barely hear yourself think. There’s always a chance for wind during any month of the year, but historically, there’s less of a chance in October! 

affordable catamaran charters greece


It’s no secret that Greece is a popular tourist spot. The islands are stunning, the food is delicious, the prices are reasonable and the vibes are impeccable. However, during certain months, starting in mid-June and ending in mid-September, the crowds can get insane. The restaurants are packed with people, stores are full, and the ferries are so crowded people have to sit on the floor. 

No matter the tourists, Greece is still beautiful, but it’s a lot easier to take in It’s beauty without mass crowds. For example, I visited Santorini for the first time in the beginning of July, 2017, and my family and I reserved a rooftop table to take in the infamous Santorini sunset. All went well until the sun began to set. Every diner stood up from his/her table to stand in front of the sunset for a photo. This seems reasonable, right? Not quite, the sunset only lasts so long. As the sun was fading behind the sea, the crowd of tourists grew more and more frustrated. A man began screaming at other diners who took photos before him, his family started crying, and before anyone could enjoy it, the sun was gone and the rooftop was pure chaos. 

I will never visit Santorini again in the high season. It felt wrong to see fully grown adults arguing over a sun that will rise and set again the following day. But, if you visit Santorini in October, you can take as many photos of the sunset as your heart desires. You won’t have to reserve a dinner table or a wine tasting three weeks in advance and you won’t pay 1,000 Euros a night for a hotel room. 

Sounds like a win to me!



Explore Greece this October! Ditch the crowds, avoid high prices, and experience the best weather Greece has to offer. Do it all on board a sailing yacht, for HALF THE PRICE (inquire below). Or, opt for hotels and ferries. Whichever option works for you! 

why october is the best time to visit greece

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The Most Affordable Catamaran Rental Greece

skippered catamaran charter

The most Affordable Catamaran Rental greece

This is the most affordable catamaran rental Greece! As a way of wishing you all a happy New Year, we are offering this luxury catamaran, island-hopping experience, for up to 50% off. Book a trip for the months of May or October, 2022 and receive a 50% discount on the yacht price!!!

The Experience

the most affordable catamaran rental greece

  • Kitesurfing gear: your skipper is a certified (IKO) instructor. 
  • Experienced kitesurfers may be taken to popular bays, canals, beaches or kite-centers. 
  • If you don’t know how, and would like to learn, your skipper can provide kitesurfing lessons for 30 Euro per person. Trainer kite available onboard. 
  • Full diving gear and compressor onboard the skippered catamaran. Your skipper is a professional diver and has a plethora of diving certifications. 
  • Experienced divers may be taken to unique diving spots around the islands. 
  • If you don’t know how to dive, and would like to try, your skipper can assist you in a controlled and safe manner for 30 Euro per person. 
  • Your skipper has extensive knowledge on the best areas to snorkel. The catamaran includes snorkeling gear. 
  • This skippered catamaran Greece is stocked with two paddle boards. 
  •  Dolphin Board 
crewed yacht rentals
skippered catamaran charter greece


The most affordable catamaran rental Greece (I’m not kidding)! 

50% off for the months of May & October = 347 Euros per day!!!!

Yes, you read that right, 347 Euros per day to sail the Greek islands aboard a catamaran yacht! 


the most affordable catamaran rental greece

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New Catamaran Charter

Large Catamaran Rental Greece

Large Catamaran Rental Greece

large catamaran rental greece

Are you looking to rent a large catamaran to explore the Greek Islands? This beautiful, spacious skippered catamaran rental is the perfect choice for you. Experience luxury at a great price onboard this gorgeous catamaran. A large catamaran built in 2019, that offers all the modern-day amenities necessary for your next holiday. 

large catamaran rental greece

The Catamaran

  • Can hold up to ten quests 
  • four cabins 
  • two cabins with king-size beds 
  • two cabins with double-size beds
  • The saloon can be converted to a double berth (sleeping two additional persons)
  • five showers, four interior, and one exterior 
  • Crew has a separate bathroom and shower 
  • One large fridge, and one smaller fridge 
  • Freezer 
  • Water maker 
  • Generator 
  • AC
  • Solar Panels 
  • Stereo system & speakers 
  • fans in each cabin 
  • USB plugs in cabins 
  • Fully equipped kitchen 
  • Nespresso machine & Aeroccino milk froth machine 
  • filter coffee machine 
  • snorkeling equipment 
  • And more…

large catamaran rental greece

About this Large Catamaran

This luxurious, spacious catamaran was built in 2019 and is skippered by an experienced sailor with immense local knowledge and expertise. 

Are you interested in the sailing experience, but don’t want to sacrifice basic comforts? If so, This is the perfect trip for you. 

Your skipper will gladly share key sailing techniques, and allow assistance in the sailing process, while assuring you and your crew’s safety. This large catamaran rental allows you, your family and friends to enjoy the holiday of your dreams. 

Explore a new Greek island each day, drop anchor in secluded bays, and jump off the boat into the aegean blue sea. Adventure, history and opulence are waiting onboard this large catamaran rental. 

Provided: 8 sets of snorkeling equipment (masks & flippers)

large catamaran charter greece


Minimum Charter Length:

1 week


Saturday to Saturday

Syros Island – Syros Island

January 1 – April 23 & October 15 – December 31:

€4,590 + €260 + €1,330 

April 23 – May 21 & October 1 – October 15:

€5,840 + €260 + €1,330

May 21 – June 11 & September 17 – October 1:

€7,090 + €260 + €1,330

June 11 – July 30 & August 20 – September 17:

€8,339 + €260 + €1,330

July 30 – August 20:

€10,010 + €260 + €1,330 

Price Details

  • €260 Euro charter pack (includes end cleaning, linen, gas for cooking, fuel for outboard, port fees for the first & last night) 
  • €1,330 skipper fee 
  • IF you would like a hostess, there is an additional charge of €1,260 (to pay hostess) + provisioning costs 
  • The yacht comes with sets of linen for each bed and person, however, if you would like additional linen, there will be an extra charge of €10
  • Internet option: 10GB for €70
  • SUP (paddle board): €120 (€300 deposit in case the SUP is damaged or lost) 
  • NOT INCLUDED: fuel, water, food, port fees (other than the first and last night’s port fees)

Savour Your Next Holiday

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What is a Skippered Sailing Charter?

What is a Skippered Sailing Charter?

What is a Skippered Sailing Charter?

A skippered sailing charter is a type of yacht rental for vacationers. A skippered rental is a great option for those who want the sailing, island-hopping experience, but either do not know how to sail, or would rather have guidance in sailing a new part of the world. Contrarily to the bareboat rental, where holiday goers rent a yacht and sail it themselves.

renting a sailboat in greece
skippered catamaran charter greece

What Does a Skipper Do?

what is a skippered sailing charter?

Our skippers are an essential part in the Greek island-hopping experience. A skipper ensures a safe and enjoyable sailing holiday.  

Chartering a yacht with a skipper provides a unique and local experience. They have knowledge and expertise beyond the Google suggestions most come across after searching questions like, ‘’what to do in Greece on vacation?’’ or, ‘’which islands should you sail to in Greece?’’

The sailing conditions in Greece are known to be some of the most challenging in the world. A skipper, working for a skippered sailing charter in Greece, knows what to expect, where to go, and how to handle the conditions mother nature has to offer.


Not only are our skippers knowledgeable, but they are friendly and professional, and are more than happy to share some key sailing skills with the crew. 

Responsibilities of the Skipper:

  • Sailing
  • Navigation
  • Consistent weather forecast checks
  • Mooring
  • Anchoring
  • Boat Systems
  • Crew Safety
  • Providing trusted recommendations
rent a sailboat with skipper greece

Does the Skipper Plan the Itinerary?

what is a skippered sailing charter?

Of course, you can map out your preferences. The most important advice is not to plan an itinerary that is too ambitious and too specific. What might seem great on paper may actually hinder your enjoyment. Simply present your preferences to your skipper and crew and they will do their best to make it happen. 

The winds and weather may affect routes, so definitely plan to be flexible. Your skipper will suggest an itinerary based on your preferences, his local knowledge and the weather. And even his itinerary may change depending on a number of variables. 

In all cases, the crew, as experts will decide what’s best.  

Best Part of a Skippered Charter?

By choosing a skippered sailing charter holiday in Greece, you are signing up to see more and learn more than you could have ever imagined.

Your skipper will sail you to places you never knew existed, and suggest restaurants and activities unknown to most travellers.

Book a skippered yacht for your next vacation, jump into untouched seas from your private sailing yacht anchored in a secluded bay, taste the local food at local prices, and see parts of Greece and history a Google search won’t show you.

Make the most of your time in Greece.  

renting a sailboat in greece

Our Skippered Sailing Yachts


Renting a Boat is the Best way to Travel Greece

Renting a Sailboat in Greece

Renting a Sailboat in Greece

is the Best Way to Travel the Islands!

Renting a sailboat in Greece is the absolute best way to see the islands. 

Greece is a beautiful and diverse country, consisting of 277 islands. And, due to these magnificent islands, travellers from around the world flock to Greece for their vacations each summer. However, with so many islands and options, how does one begin choosing what to do and where to go?

Of course, the first step for most is to consult with Google. Your search results will likely yield the most popular islands (i.e., Mykonos, Santorini, Milos, Crete). As I mentioned before, there are 277 islands throughout Greece, thus there is so much more to explore than the islands immediately suggested by Google.

 So, how do you find the unique islands that rarely pop up in your research? This is where renting a sailboat in Greece comes in.

renting a sailboat in greece

A Unique, Personalized Experience

A skippered sailing charter provides you with 24/7 inside-knowledge and expertise regarding the Greek islands. You don’t have to know exactly which islands you would like to visit. You simply need to know yourself and the type of activities and vibes that fit your vacation needs. For example, do you like night-life? Are you an avid snorkeler? Do quaint, quiet villages suit you? Do historical sites match your interests? Or, are you looking for a mix of it all?

You can let your skipper know what you’re looking to accomplish by exploring the Greek islands. He will build and discuss an itinerary with you. You will visit a new island each day, and will most likely see islands you never knew existed; drop anchor in places that are only reachable by boat, where the sea is as blue as it gets; and, you’ll have a chance to live like a local, eat like a local, and experience something unique compared to other tourists.

Is there an island that you are dying to visit? Let your skipper know about this particular island and he will try to make it work based on the weather, length of your trip, and your embarkation and ending locations.

You are sure to leave a sailing trip with more than you ever imagined. On top of that, I am positive you’ll fall in love with an island or two that Google failed to list. 

Stress Ends at Boarding

In my opinion, the best part about renting a sailboat in Greece is, that once you board the yacht, all travel-stress disappears. You simply board, unpack your luggage, and live comfortably on your mode of transportation. Contrarily, if you were visiting three or four islands by ferry, you would have to unpack, re-pack, and lug all your bags around every few days. You’d have to worry about ferry tickets, taxis, and checking in and out of hotels.

Not only is it stressful to visit a number of islands by ferry, but it’s also limiting. It can be hard to match up ferries to a specific itinerary. In many cases, you can take a ferry between two or three islands, but in order to see another one, you would have to take a ferry all the way back to Athens, and then take another one back to the islands (I know, it’s complicated).

Overall, if you want to see more than two islands in a week, travelling the islands by ferry is not the most comfortable or convenient experience.

I would suggest a sailing trip to avoid the stress and confusion. You board and each day you’re sailed to a beautiful island without worrying about a single thing. Your skipper takes care of safely transporting you from one destination to another. So, all you have to do is lay out on deck in the fresh air with a cocktail, enjoy the breeze, and bask in the incredible scenery.

 Think of the boat as your home, hotel, and means of travel all-in-one.

renting a sailboat in greece

Local Knowledge

Sure, when you check-in to a hotel they might give you a pamphlet that includes popular tourist attractions around the island. But this brochure is far from local knowledge. The beautiful thing about renting a sailboat in greece is that your skipper is full of inside-knowledge, and is always available to answer questions and give suggestions.

He can tell you where to get the best, most authentic Greek food for the best prices. The skipper can tell you where to avoid, and what to look out for when judging the authenticity of an establishment. He knows the gorgeous beaches that are not mentioned in the brochures. And, not only will he tell you about the best spots, he will sail you to bays and tiny harbours unknown to the majority of tourists.

Booking a sailing trip removes the mental stress of travelling, because you won’t be questioning whether you are going to the right restaurants, beaches, historical sites, etc. The information is right in front of you.

In Conclusion...

Renting a sailboat in Greece is the absolute best way to see the islands. 

Forget ferries, taxis, busses, trains, planes, hotels, and Airbnb’s. Stop questioning whether you planned the right islands to see. Unpack your luggage once and make yourself at home. Let an expert personalize your trip to fit all your interests and vacation needs. See places that you will never find on Google. Jump in the sea from your portable, sailing home. Experience a trip that nobody you know has ever experienced!

A sailing trip is unique, fun, stress-free, and authentic. You will never forget the adventure and relaxation.

Interested in Renting a Sailboat in Greece? Contact Us!

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Luxurious and Affordable Catamaran Charter

Luxury Catamaran Rental Greece

Luxury Catamaran Rental Greece

Do not miss out on this amazing luxury catamaran rental greece, however, we book fast!

Book a trip with our skippered catamaran and you will have the vacation of your life! The yacht is spacious, sea worthy, and safe. On top of that, your skipper is an expert at navigating the Greek seas and has a plethora of fishing equipment onboard for an added activity. 

Experience luxury and adventure and sail Greece on this skippered luxury catamaran. 

luxury catamaran rental greece

The Catamaran

  • Holds up to 8 guests
  • Large, spacious living space 
  • Four double-bed cabins
  • two bathrooms/showers
  • Separate sleeping quarters for skipper 
  • Two fridges and large kitchen area 
  • Plenty of space on-deck for dining and lounging 

About Luxury Catamaran Rental Greece

  • snorkeling gear onboard
  • fishing equipment onboard 
  • Your skipper onboard this luxury catamaran rental has been sailing the Greek seas since his childhood and knows the best spots inside and out. 
  • Discuss your interests with your skipper and personalize your experience. Do you prefer quiet bays? Night-life? History? Activities? Or, a mix of it all? Your skipper will guide you in making your dream sailing vacation a reality. 
  • You will start and end your trip in Paros. 
  • Paros is the perfect place to start and end a trip in the Cyclades. It provides forgiving angles to a variety of wind directions, so that you can get the most out of your trip. 
  • On this luxury catamaran rental Greece, you are a short sail away from a number of beautiful, famous islands and hidden gems. 
  • Possible islands you could see during your trip: Milos, Mykonos, the small Cyclades (schinoussa, Iraklia, Koufonisi), Naxos, Syros, and more. 

Luxury Catamaran Charter

Low Season 

Inquire for exact price

High Season 

Inquire for exact price

Prices include the following (except food & beverage):


Greek taxes 

linens, towels, bedding, etc. 

snorkeling gear

fishing gear 

final cleaning of the yacht 


Harbor fees and fuel expenses. The total cost will be discussed at the end of your trip (approx. 400 Euro)

Explore Greece with Us!


How to Eat Out Like a Local in Greece

How to order food in Greece!

How to Order Out Like a Local

how to order food in greece

I know what you’re thinking: Does this girl think we’ve never been out to eat before?

The answer is no, I definitely don’t think that. However, from my experience, I know that tourists seem to make the same common mistakes when ordering at a traditional Greek taverna.

I have worked for a sailing charter company in Greece for four years. Our job is to sail guests around the Greek islands. We often recommend restaurants and gather feedback from our clients after their dinners, and I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “we over ordered” or “the portions are so large here”.  

For example, a group of six will order three Greek salads, three or four appetizers, and a main dish each. This sounds reasonable, but trust me, it’s not. In Greece this is an overwhelming amount of food for six people to share. So, here are some of my tips for getting the portions right!

Take Your Time

how to order food in greece

Service at a taverna in Greece is typically efficient. You will receive your drinks and food fairly fast after ordering, and you are never rushed to order, eat and leave (like in some countries). So, take your time. Order intuitively.

Start off with some appetizers. A Greek salad is always nice to pass around the table along with some fava. Try some items on the menu you have never heard of or tasted before. Like I mentioned earlier, the apps should arrive quickly, so you can start eating while you continue to check out the menu.

Maybe you really loved one of the appetizers and it was devoured in seconds…order another one. Start off small and you can always add without being a bother or having to wait a long time for your food to arrive.

See how you feel after the appetizers. Are you all stuffed and satisfied? Are you all still hungry but not hungry enough for an entire main dish each? No problem. Take your time to look over the main dishes, keeping in mind that the portions are massive, and proceed from there.

At this point, you could order a fish for the table to share or a couple main dishes to split. Don’t worry about time, understand the portions, and enjoy your meal!


If you are of drinking age, at least by Greek standards, and are looking forward to having some local wine with dinner, avoid ordering by the glass or by the bottle. Ask your waiter for a half kilo, kilo, or multiple kilos (I’m not judging) of the house wine.

The house wine is always the local wine of the area brought to you in a glass or tin pouring container. The price for this option is always right.

And just like that you are dining and drinking like a local.

how to order food in greece


I hope you have room for dessert! Most tavernas will bring each person at your table a small dessert on the house. Sometimes they’ll ask if you want it, but most of the time they’ll just bring it to you.

The ‘‘on the house’’ desserts could be some of the following: watermelon, yogurt, ice-cream, halva, sponge cake and more.

In Conlusion

Eating out at a traditional Greek taverna is an immersive experience. Don’t rush to order and never feel like you are taking too long or being an inconvenience. Ask questions. Enjoy your company. Sit and chat while tasting a bit of everything Greece has to offer.

Now you can eat, drink and enjoy your time at the taverna like a local.

Have a wonderful vacation!

how to order food in greece

How to Order Food in Greece


Power Boat for Day Trips

Cyclades Day Trips

The Best Day Trip in the Cyclades

Cyclades day trips

Are you planning a trip to Syros Island? Book a day trip with this power boat to explore the island from the sea. 

In addition, if you are planning a trip to another island, instead of taking a ferry from Syros to Paros (for example), opt for a day trip onboard this awesome power boat and get dropped off in Paros!

cyclades day trips

Day Trips - Prices

Please fill out the form below for prices for these day trips in the Cyclades.

Let us know where you will be, if you want to be dropped off on another island, or if you simply want to explore the island on this fabulous boat. 

These day trips book fast!

Boat Day Trips

Day trips are the perfect option for anyone looking for a unique activity while vacationing on a particular island. I am sure, if you spend a week on an island, you will see a lot of what the land has to offer. Take a day to explore the island by sea. Go to unique beaches, jump off the boat from the bay, and see the Cyclades island from a new perspective. It is the ideal way to spend the day in Greece. There is nothing like the Cyclades islands. The boat is spacious and reliable. Aegean sea is surrounding you. Therefore, do not miss your opportunity to book this fabulous Cyclades day trip. Cyclades day trips. 

Cyclades Day Trips

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A fun day at sea starts here. Don’t miss out on booking a trip on a boat to explore the Cyclades by the sea. Jump from the boat into the aegean and relax luxuriously. This is an experience of a lifetime and will be an unforgettable part of your trip to Greece. 


Sailing Charter for Backpackers

Affordable Sailing Charters in Greece

The perfect charter for backpackers in Greece

Affordable sailing charters in greece

This is the perfect skippered sailing charter for backpackers, solo travelers, or a small group of friends looking for an affordable, fun way to get around the islands of Greece. 

Rent the whole boat or get a berth for yourself or berths for you and your friends!

The Affordable Sailing Charter Boat

  • Holds up to 8 guests
  • Berth
  • Head
  • 45 Feet 
  • Galley Stove & Oven 
  • Toilet 
  • Dinghy
  • Space on-deck for sitting, sailing and lounging 

sailing charter in greece. Sailing Greece has never been more fun. This yacht is perfect for backpackers and solo travelers. Additionally, it offers rentals by berth and the option to rent the whole boat. 

More About the Boat

affordable sailing charters in greece

The yacht was once owned by former UK prime minister, Sir Edward Heath, and it was renowned for its voyages. 

This yacht was fully refurbished in 2020, now offering affordable sailing charter holidays in Greece!

affordable sailing charters in greece


Please fill out the form below and let us know how you would like to rent the boat. We will get back to you as soon as possible with prices and availability. 

For example, specify any of the following: 

*Do you want to rent by berth?

*Would you like to rent the whole boat?

*Are you interested in a day charter? Or, chartering for a few days, to a week, to two weeks? 

Let your skipper know exactly what you are looking to get out of your trip and he will try and make it happen. Sailing Greece has never been more fun. Additionally, it has never been more affordable. Sail Greece at an affordable price onboard this historic yacht. 

Affordable Sailing Charters in Greece

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How can we help?