Renting a Sailboat in Greece

Renting a Sailboat in Greece

is the Best Way to Travel the Islands!

Renting a sailboat in Greece is the absolute best way to see the islands. 

Greece is a beautiful and diverse country, consisting of 277 islands. And, due to these magnificent islands, travellers from around the world flock to Greece for their vacations each summer. However, with so many islands and options, how does one begin choosing what to do and where to go?

Of course, the first step for most is to consult with Google. Your search results will likely yield the most popular islands (i.e., Mykonos, Santorini, Milos, Crete). As I mentioned before, there are 277 islands throughout Greece, thus there is so much more to explore than the islands immediately suggested by Google.

 So, how do you find the unique islands that rarely pop up in your research? This is where renting a sailboat in Greece comes in.

renting a sailboat in greece

A Unique, Personalized Experience

A skippered sailing charter provides you with 24/7 inside-knowledge and expertise regarding the Greek islands. You don’t have to know exactly which islands you would like to visit. You simply need to know yourself and the type of activities and vibes that fit your vacation needs. For example, do you like night-life? Are you an avid snorkeler? Do quaint, quiet villages suit you? Do historical sites match your interests? Or, are you looking for a mix of it all?

You can let your skipper know what you’re looking to accomplish by exploring the Greek islands. He will build and discuss an itinerary with you. You will visit a new island each day, and will most likely see islands you never knew existed; drop anchor in places that are only reachable by boat, where the sea is as blue as it gets; and, you’ll have a chance to live like a local, eat like a local, and experience something unique compared to other tourists.

Is there an island that you are dying to visit? Let your skipper know about this particular island and he will try to make it work based on the weather, length of your trip, and your embarkation and ending locations.

You are sure to leave a sailing trip with more than you ever imagined. On top of that, I am positive you’ll fall in love with an island or two that Google failed to list. 

Stress Ends at Boarding

In my opinion, the best part about renting a sailboat in Greece is, that once you board the yacht, all travel-stress disappears. You simply board, unpack your luggage, and live comfortably on your mode of transportation. Contrarily, if you were visiting three or four islands by ferry, you would have to unpack, re-pack, and lug all your bags around every few days. You’d have to worry about ferry tickets, taxis, and checking in and out of hotels.

Not only is it stressful to visit a number of islands by ferry, but it’s also limiting. It can be hard to match up ferries to a specific itinerary. In many cases, you can take a ferry between two or three islands, but in order to see another one, you would have to take a ferry all the way back to Athens, and then take another one back to the islands (I know, it’s complicated).

Overall, if you want to see more than two islands in a week, travelling the islands by ferry is not the most comfortable or convenient experience.

I would suggest a sailing trip to avoid the stress and confusion. You board and each day you’re sailed to a beautiful island without worrying about a single thing. Your skipper takes care of safely transporting you from one destination to another. So, all you have to do is lay out on deck in the fresh air with a cocktail, enjoy the breeze, and bask in the incredible scenery.

 Think of the boat as your home, hotel, and means of travel all-in-one.

renting a sailboat in greece

Local Knowledge

Sure, when you check-in to a hotel they might give you a pamphlet that includes popular tourist attractions around the island. But this brochure is far from local knowledge. The beautiful thing about renting a sailboat in greece is that your skipper is full of inside-knowledge, and is always available to answer questions and give suggestions.

He can tell you where to get the best, most authentic Greek food for the best prices. The skipper can tell you where to avoid, and what to look out for when judging the authenticity of an establishment. He knows the gorgeous beaches that are not mentioned in the brochures. And, not only will he tell you about the best spots, he will sail you to bays and tiny harbours unknown to the majority of tourists.

Booking a sailing trip removes the mental stress of travelling, because you won’t be questioning whether you are going to the right restaurants, beaches, historical sites, etc. The information is right in front of you.

In Conclusion...

Renting a sailboat in Greece is the absolute best way to see the islands. 

Forget ferries, taxis, busses, trains, planes, hotels, and Airbnb’s. Stop questioning whether you planned the right islands to see. Unpack your luggage once and make yourself at home. Let an expert personalize your trip to fit all your interests and vacation needs. See places that you will never find on Google. Jump in the sea from your portable, sailing home. Experience a trip that nobody you know has ever experienced!

A sailing trip is unique, fun, stress-free, and authentic. You will never forget the adventure and relaxation.

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