Food you have to try in greece

The foodie sailing charter greece

food you have to try in greece

Are you a foodie looking to try the most incredible, authentic Greek food imaginable? Then a sailing charter is the perfect option for you. Why a sailing charter?

The options are limitless.

You will have the opportunity to visit way more islands on a sailing charter versus island-hopping by ferry. In addition, a sailing yacht can take you to spots around Greece only accessible by boat. And, trust me, the more secluded the area, the more delicious the food!

Wherever you end up along the way, your skipper will share his local, expert knowledge, ensuring you always end up at the most authentic tavernas. 

Follow along to experience a virtual ‘’foodie’’ sailing charter!

1. syros island

food you have to try in greece

Imagine you just arrived at Syros island by ferry. From the ferry you take a short taxi ride to Finikas Marina, located at the south side of the island. Your skipper greets you and helps carry your luggage to the beautiful, private sailing yacht you and your friends or family will call home for the next five days. 

At this point, you are a bit jet-lagged, tired, and definitely hungry. You ask your skipper for dinner recommendations and he suggests To Limanaki. To Limanaki is an authentic, Greek taverna located a minute’s walk from your yacht. 

Take a seat at an outdoor patio table, overlooking the quaint harbour, picturesque Greek landscape, and the crystal clear Aegean sea. You receive a menu with a plethora of options. But, which are Syros specialties? 

Syros specialties

syros sausage (Loukanika)

food you have to try in greece

Every island will offer a sausage option, but the Syros sausage is by far the most delicious and unique. The Syros sausage is described as aromatic due to the special addition of fennel to the recipe. 

food you have to try in greece

Giant Beans (Gigantes)

This dish is common all throughout Greece. However, the best giant bean dish in all the Cyclades is served at To Limanaki in Finikas, Syros. It is a menu item that is commonly overlooked due to the simplicity of its name, but it is definitely one you don’t want to miss!

2. sifnos island

It is day two of your charter and you embarked from Syros early to arrive at the Plati Gialos marina in Sifnos. Sifnos is known to be the Cyclades island with the most delectable food. So, no matter which taverna you decide on for dinner, you will thoroughly enjoy your meal. However, there is one taverna in Sifnos that is a stand-out among the rest, To Steki. 

To Steki is a one minute walk from where your yacht is docked in Plati Gialos, Sifnos and situated on the beach. Here, your views are even more beautiful than the night before. 

Every dish is delicious at To Steki, but here are a couple Sifnos island specialties!

Sifnos specialties

food you have to try in greece

Lamb Kleftiko

food you have to try in greece

This lamb dish will melt in your mouth. It is an oven baked lamb, cooked in parchment paper with garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and other herbs. Typically served alongside french fries.

food you have to try in greece

Lamb Mastelo

Lamb Mastelo is a slow braised lamb and a traditional Sifnos dish. It is cooked overnight in a clay pot and is a must-try when visiting Sifnos.

3. Paros Island

Day three of your sailing charter is spent on the island of Paros. There are multiple harbours to choose from here, so I won’t be highlighting a specific taverna, but rather the style of Paros cuisine.

Paros is home to a multitude of expats, so many tavernas have added a twist to traditional Greek dishes. For example, some establishments top fava with caramelised onions, which is untraditional but delicious!

Other restaurants have added a southeast asian twist to classic Greek dishes. So, if you’re interested in sampling Greek food with a unique spin, Paros is the perfect stop for you! 

4. Naxos Island (Kalados)

food you have to try in greece

We are spending day four in Naxos. Naxos is the largest Cyclades island and is most known for its cheese, meat and octopus. However, there is one harbour in Naxos that is barely known at all, and that’s Kalados. 

In Kalados, Naxos there is a tiny harbour that only fits about three boats. The landscape in Kalados is otherworldly. There’s a stunning beach next to the harbour, but no beach bars nor tourist shops. So, you won’t see too many people at this stop. However, you’ll likely see goats, horses and pigs roaming the area behind the secluded, sandy beach.

I know what you’re thinking, if there aren’t any tourists, shops, or beach bars, where will we eat? You will eat at the best ‘’restaurant’’ in the Cyclades. 

Above the harbour, up a steep hill, you will see a tiny trailer. Yes, that’s where that amazing smell is coming from. Once you hike up the hill you’ll be welcomed by a husband and wife who raise their own livestock, make their own cheese and wine, and grow their own vegetables.

They don’t have a menu and serve only a few dishes, but everything is as fresh and incredible as it gets. 

The goat chops are unbelievable, the fries are to-die-for, the salad is fresh and flavorful, I won’t even get started on the cheese, and don’t forget to try the fried eggplant and fried zucchini. Last but not least, the local wine is interesting and unsuspecting to say the least. In other words, your hike down the hill, in the dark, will be a bit more challenging after a few glasses!

food you have to try in greece

5. Naxos (main harbour)

It’s day four and you sailed to the main port of Naxos. There’s a lot more life over on this side of the island, boasting a plethora of restaurants, bars, shops, boats and people. 

A common sight to see while walking around will be octopus hanging outside of tavernas, like clothes hanging from a clothes line. Octopus is a delicacy in Naxos, and most tavernas serve it on the menu. If you have never tried it, or want to try it in Greece, Naxos is the place to be.


It is day five, and unfortunately, it’s time to leave the yacht after an amazing island-hopping vacation. 

I hope you enjoyed the unique experience of visiting a new place each day and trying the best food the Cyclades has to offer.

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Food you have to try in Greece