why october is the best time to visit greece

why october is the best time to visit greece

Are you planning on a Greek vacation? Do you want to explore Greece when the weather is still beautiful, but not too hot, the prices are reasonable, and the crowds are fewer? October is the perfect month for you!

october is the best time to visit greece

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Sailing charters:

Are you planning on exploring the Greek islands in October? The absolute best way to visit the islands of Greece is onboard a private sailing yacht. I know, it sounds fancy and expensive, but it is truly the most affordable way to make the most of your trip. Instead of hopping on long ferry rides, checking in and out of hotels, dragging your luggage around from place to place, opt for a sailing charter. 

Your stress stops at boarding. Visit a new island each day, and explore parts of Greece only accessible by boat. Sail peacefully from one stop to the next, sunbathe on deck with a cocktail in hand. Your skipper has a plethora of local knowledge at your disposal so you can get the most out of your holiday.

This option is even more affordable than the typical travel route (booking hotels and travelling island to island by ferry). For example, in October, you can book a luxury catamaran charter for 50% off! The catamaran holds eight guests comfortably. Your skipper has kite-surfing gear, diving gear, snorkelling gear, paddle boards and a dolphin board on the yacht. For 480 Euros per day, for a three day or longer trip, you and seven of your friends or family can sail the Greek islands on a private yacht. 

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why october is the best time to visit greece


If you are prone to seasickness, don’t worry, October hotel rates are also more affordable. October is the perfect time to make your dream Santorini experience come true. You know those photos of hotels with the private balconies, overlooking the Aegean sea and famous santorini sunset? Yes, you can stay in a hotel or Airbnb like that for a fraction of the price in October. 


If you are an avid shopper, like myself, and are interested in what Greece has to offer, October is the perfect time to splurge. Greek boutiques and designers are unbelievable, offering one-of-a-kind pieces. Picture intricate, hand-made jewellery, ethereal dresses, and stunning art and pottery…for less. 

Stores typically close on the islands by the end of October or early November. So, most shops want to sell as much of the summer collection as they can before closing for the season. What does this mean? Mega sales! 


Of course, October is not as hot as July and August in Greece, but it’s definitely not cold. It’s hot enough to swim, lay on the beach, and get a beautiful, vacation tan. But, it’s not so hot that you sweat through your clothes from 7:00AM to 10:30PM. It is hot during the day and then cools down to a comfortable temperature at night. 

Not only are the temperatures more mild, but the wind speeds are as well. July and August in Greece are notorious months for strong north winds. The wind speeds can be so high during those months you can barely hear yourself think. There’s always a chance for wind during any month of the year, but historically, there’s less of a chance in October! 

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It’s no secret that Greece is a popular tourist spot. The islands are stunning, the food is delicious, the prices are reasonable and the vibes are impeccable. However, during certain months, starting in mid-June and ending in mid-September, the crowds can get insane. The restaurants are packed with people, stores are full, and the ferries are so crowded people have to sit on the floor. 

No matter the tourists, Greece is still beautiful, but it’s a lot easier to take in It’s beauty without mass crowds. For example, I visited Santorini for the first time in the beginning of July, 2017, and my family and I reserved a rooftop table to take in the infamous Santorini sunset. All went well until the sun began to set. Every diner stood up from his/her table to stand in front of the sunset for a photo. This seems reasonable, right? Not quite, the sunset only lasts so long. As the sun was fading behind the sea, the crowd of tourists grew more and more frustrated. A man began screaming at other diners who took photos before him, his family started crying, and before anyone could enjoy it, the sun was gone and the rooftop was pure chaos. 

I will never visit Santorini again in the high season. It felt wrong to see fully grown adults arguing over a sun that will rise and set again the following day. But, if you visit Santorini in October, you can take as many photos of the sunset as your heart desires. You won’t have to reserve a dinner table or a wine tasting three weeks in advance and you won’t pay 1,000 Euros a night for a hotel room. 

Sounds like a win to me!



Explore Greece this October! Ditch the crowds, avoid high prices, and experience the best weather Greece has to offer. Do it all on board a sailing yacht, for HALF THE PRICE (inquire below). Or, opt for hotels and ferries. Whichever option works for you! 

why october is the best time to visit greece

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