Skippered Sailing Charter in Greece

Skippered Sailing Charter in Greece

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The Cyclades

 The Cyclades are undoubtably the most famous group of islands for a skippered sailing charter in Greece. And this is no surprise, with their signature white homes, traditional windmills and stunning beaches; the Cyclades are exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of Greece. Just imagine the sunsets of Santorini, the lively and colorful streets of Mykonos, and the picturesque villages of Paros.

  The Cyclades are rocky islands with numerous bays, beaches and spots to anchor. There is a place to suit any charter’s vacation desires. Are you looking for nightlife? Traditional Greek cuisine? Empty, crystal clear bays? Small villages? Historical sights? Don’t worry! The Cyclades has it all! 

Our sailing yacht is based in the Cyclades and we are experts on the area. Take our skippered sailing charter in Greece and you will get the most out of these remarkable islands.

Our skippered sailing charter would love to show you the small Cyclades!

The Saronic&Peloponnese

The Islands located around the Saronic Gulf and Peloponnese are fairly close to the mainland of Athens. Similar to the mainland, these islands are full of history, but without the hustle and bustle of the city. Islands in this area include Salamis, Aegina, Poros, and Hydra (to name a few). 

The Saronic islands are more green than the Cyclades. Approaching Poros your eyes meet with a colorful scenery, lush and full of trees. balanced with a plethora of bright orange roofs lining up the hills. Taste the Pistachios of your dreams in Aegina and visit ancient temples; and forget all about the Santorini sunset in Hydra, as it boasts the most magnificent display in Greece. 

Explore, learn and sail with Vacation Yachting through the Saronic and Peloponnese!

we are the best crewed sailing charter in greece and will take you to places you wouldn’t even imagine! Our crewed saiing charter in greece knows where the best destinations are and can recommend great beaches, food and entertainment! Don’t miss out on our crewed sailing charter in greece! Book our crewed sailing charter in greece today!

Island Hop with Vacation Yachting

The Dodecanese

The Dodecanese Islands lie in a chain along the coast of Turkey and they have a rich history full of different cultural influences. 

Although the land throughout the Dodacanese is mostly barren, there are several islands with natural springs (i.e. Kos and Rhodes).

The most popular islands of this area are Rhodes and Kos which are full of life in the summer; Karpathos which has just recently become a more popular holiday spot; Kalymnos for its rock climbing; Leros for its diving and Patmos for its rich spiritual history.

Sail the Dodecanese on our skippered sailing charter and have an unforgettable holiday!

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