Pack Up and Come Aboard!

Sailing Charter Packing List

Sailing Charter Packing List

Are you preparing for a sailing charter holiday in Greece? Are you wondering what to pack? What not to pack? Well, here’s a sailing charter packing list!

The first piece of advice I can give you is to pack smart when spending your summer holiday aboard a sailing vessel.

Our sailing yacht can accommodate up to 9 people (11 including crew). There is a large saloon and galley area, as well as four, double-bed guest cabins, each with its own private bathroom and shower. AND each cabin contains storage cabinets.

Yes, I know, so much space!

However, although our yacht is large compared to most, the space shrinks when you add 8 life-sized luggage bags, 14 backpacks, and 10 purses.

This brings me to my first-step to smart packing…

Choose luggage bags that are easy to store…

If you plan to use a large suitcase, if possible, choose a soft one when packing for a sailing charter. Soft luggage bags can be stored much easier than hard-covered suitcases.

For instance, if you are an 8-person charter, and each person brings one large, hard-surfaced suitcase each cabin will be crowded with two big, unavoidable bags. This makes your living space much smaller, and it becomes a lot more difficult to move around. Whereas, softer suitcases can be shrunk down, folded and/or moved at your convenience.

This advice is most important for charters where each of our four guest cabins will be occupied.

If your charter requires the use of three or fewer cabins, you can get away with a lot more when it comes to the type of luggage you use. We’ve had plenty of charters where everyone in the group keeps their suitcases in one of the empty cabins; and this works out great for them!

In short, think about the number of people in your group, the number of cabins you will use, the amount you plan to pack and the number of bags to fit in each cabin. Depending on your situation, choose you luggage accordingly.

Now that you know more or less what bags to use, it’s time to talk about what to put in those bags…

Sailing with us for one week? Here’s a list of items you may want to bring…


  1. 4-5 shirts
  2. 2-3 pairs of shorts
  3. 2 bathing-suits
  4. 1 or 2 dinner outfits (dresses, etc.)
  5. 1 long-sleeve shirt
  6. 1 sweater or sweatshirt
  7. Wind-breaker
  8. Flip-flops
  9. Hat for the sun
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Undergarments

This is a very general list of what clothes to bring with you. Feel free to pack whatever clothes you think you’ll need and wear on your vacation in Greece. But packing on the light-side is always best, as you’ll find you spend most of your time in light, comfortable clothing and bathing suits. Not to mention, it’s always a good idea to save some space in your bag for souvenirs and maybe some new, Greek designed clothes!

Almost every island has an affordable and fast laundry service. So, you won’t have to worry about running out of clean clothes! 

Other Items

  1. Sunscreen (this you can purchase at all markets in Greece)
  2. Bug spray
  3. Beach towels (If you don’t want to take from home, you can find plenty of beach towels for sale on the islands)
  4. USB charger for your phone/tablet/kindle/etc.
  5. Adaptor for European plugs
  6. Sea sickness medication
  7. For kids – Arm floaties (if you deem necessary)

In Conclusion…

This sailing charter packing list is by no means an exhaustive one. It is simply meant to guide you in the right direction. You don’t have to bring everything listed here, and you can definitely bring items that are not listed. Avid swimmer? Bring your own masks and flippers. Extra concerned about safety? Bring your own medicine and first aid supplies. Hiker? Bring along your hiking shoes and other gear.

At the end of the day, this is your vacation, and you know exactly what you need to complete the experience!

Do you have additional questions about what to pack, what you can find in Greece, or anything else? Do you have something we could add to this sailing charter packing list? Feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have!