Sailing Charter FAQ Sheet

What Should I Bring?


  • It is better to travel with flexible, soft, foldable luggage. Avoid large, boxy suitcases.


  • At least one pair of sunglasses with neck chain to avoid loss.

Skin protection

  • The sun in Greece is extremely strong, so a good sunscreen or blocking lotion is highly recommended.
  • Avoid oily, greasy applications, which are slippery and pose a danger on board.
  • You may also want to bring after sun lotions or skin softeners.


  • Prescription or other medications should be brought in quantities to last the duration of your vacation.


  • Casual, comfortable clothes are best
  • Bring at least 2 bathingsuits Bring at least two bathing suits, T-shirts, shorts and lightweight cotton slacks, jeans and shirts.
  • In April and May and from mid-September through October, evenings and even days may be cool, so please bring a warm sweater or sweatshirt and a light jacket or windbreaker.
  • For on-shore dining and dancing, you may wish to have an easy-care dress- up outfit with you.

Head Protection

  • a hat, cap or scarf for protection from the sun. 


  • Soft or rubber white soled footwear or boat shoes.
  • Wear standard shoes or flip-flops for on-shore use.

Foul Weather Gear

  • This is optional and is occasionally required. Light rainwear however is advisable.


  • Several beach towels are recommended and these can be found on nearly every island. 

Sports Gear

  • We provide snorkelling gear, but we suggest that lovers of underwater activities bring their own snorkel and mask.
  • A special note on scuba diving: Greece’s laws prohibit scuba diving in most of its waters. We strongly recommend not bringing such gear. However, scuba diving is permissible in very limited areas only, and anyone interested can request further information from us regarding the location of these specially designated scuba diving waters.

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Will my mobile phone work in Greece?

Yes, your mobile phone should work in Greece. You may do the following: 

  • Talk to your mobile provider company to set up an international plan for your trip;
  • purchase a sim card from a provider in Greece and use it for the duration of your trip; 
  • Or, connect to any of the many WiFi spots in Greece, and use your mobile phone that way. 

Are Credit Cards Accepted on the Islands?

Most major credit cards are accepted on the islands except in bars and some restaurants. Most of the islands do have ATM machines.

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What if I want to cancel my trip?

In case you have to cancel your booking, the following terms apply:

  • If you cancel your booking 4 months before the departure date, the full amount will be refunded to you.
  • If you cancel between 2 and 4 months before the departure date, you are refunded 25% of your deposit. 
  • If you cancel less than 2 months from the departure date, there is no refund. 
  • However, every effort will  be made to re-book your cencellation, and if we succeed, then a refund will be given to you up to the amount we have recovered. 

Is the yacht equipped with safety equipment?

Yes, our yacht is equipped with safety belts, life jackets, flares, VHF, EPIRP, life-raft, and dinghy. 

sailing charter company in Greece

What's Included in the Price?

The price includes all of then following (except food & beverage): 

  • Skipper & Crew 
  • Harbor Fees 
  • Water 
  • Electricity/Shore Power 
  • Fuel 
  • Snorkeling Gear 
  • Paddle Board 
  • Toiletries, linens, etc. 
  • Greek taxes 
  • Final cleaning of the boat 
  • Complimentary bottle of wine & fruit spread

I understand that a tip is expected, can you give us an idea on how much we should tip?

The crew’s gratuity is usually 5%-15% of the total price of the charter, upon discretion and optional, should you feel satisfied with the service you received during your trip. 

Are we expected to take care of the crew's meals?

Yes, it is custom that you provide the crew’s meals or provide the crew with the means to go out on their own. If not, the crew will have access to the kitchen in order to store and cook their meals. 

types of luggage described in the sailing charter packing list blog post

Does the yacht have laundry facilities?

No, our yacht does not have a washer/dryer on board. However, we do provide means to handwash and hang laundry to dry. In addition, most of the islands have fast and affordable laundry services.

Can we map out our own itinerary?

Of course you can map out your preferences. The most important advice is not to plan an itinerary that is too ambitious and too specific. What might seem great on paper may actually hinder your enjoyment. SImply present your preferences to your skipper and crew and they will do their best to make it happen. 

The winds and weather may affect routes, so definitely plan to be flexible. Your skipper will suggest an itinerary based on your preferences, his local knowledge and the weather. And even his itinerary may change depending on a number of variables. 

In all cases, the crew, as experts will decide what’s best.  

anchorage bay in Greece. A common place to anchor for skippered sailing charters.

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