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Special Offer For September 2017

Special offer for September 2017

We offer special prices for the month of September! September is the perfect month for sailing around the Greek islands. The temperature of the water and air is perfect, August tourists are gone and it is getting more quiet. Let us show you some of…

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This Summer Let’s Rent A Yacht In Greece!

This summer let’s rent a yacht in Greece!

Come and discover the Greek islands on our 60 feet sailing yacht and let us take you around the beautiful Greek islands. Each island has its own unique beauty and places to see. Hidden coves that can only reached by boat, maybe a catch of…

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A Typical Day On Board “Anastasia”

A typical day on board “Anastasia”

After embarkation your skipper will answer your questions, explain the boat to you and discuss possible itineraries depending on your wishes and weather conditions. The itinerary may change along the way according to your wishes. We are very flexible. After having bought some provisions in…

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Diving Sites In The Cyclades

Diving sites in the Cyclades

Here are some examples of diving sites in the Cyclades: Anna II The wreck of a 60 m long carrier lies at a depth of 35 m. The ship sank in 1995 and remains in pretty good condition. The wreck hosts a variety of marine…

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Let’s Sail Away!

Let’s sail away!

Our yacht "Anastasia", is now ready for another summer, and you? She has been out of the water for a month, all emergency equipment has been thoroughly checked by the authorities and have passed the test. A clean hull, a fresh layer of anti fouling…

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What Do I Need To Bring With Me?

What do I need to bring with me?

Remember that you are going to a warm climate. You won't want to pack for the Arctic chill (unless you are sailing very late or very early in the season- and then it's not an Arctic chill, but cool/cold sail. You'll want deck shoes that…

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