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This August 2019 we had a wonderful and fun charter with a family from the Netherlands (a mother, father and their three sons). The boys were 9, 13 and 15 years old, and, believe it or not, embarking on a sailing holiday in Greece was their idea! The kids had some experience sailing in the Netherlands, but they were eager to learn more on their trip with us.

The Aegean is said to be one of the toughest seas to sail due to its constantly changing winds and unpredictable swell. Despite these conditions, Patrik and I fair well sailing these seas with Anastasia, Vacation Yachting’s 61′ yacht. However, during the Deloo family’s trip we experienced how nice it is to have all hands on deck!

The boys were like sponges soaking up all the knowledge they could while on the boat. They observed us, listened to our advice, and quickly caught on to the routine. All three of them had the oppurtunity to steer while motoring and while under sail. They helped me with picking up the anchor nearly everyday. They assisted us with tacking, closing and opening the sails, and in the docking process. And, not only did the boys participate in the big tasks, but they partook in the tedious ones as well.

The Deloo family would help with the fenders, putting up the sun-tent, securing the saloon and cabins, closing hatches, lifting the dinghy up and lowering it down, and so much more! These jobs aren’t exactly the most exciting when it comes to sailing, but Abel, Jonah and Benjamin didn’t mind. They truly wanted to learn and help us as much as possible.

Surprisingly, Patrik and I don’t have many charters with families that want to learn how to sail. So, I didn’t know what an incredible experience it could be for everyone. We had such a great time showing Abel, Jonah and Benjamin the ropes (both figuratively and literally). It was rewarding to see their progress and to see their confidence grow in sailing.

This growth was most noticeable during our last sail from a small harbor in Paros to Naxos maintown. The wind was strong and the boys participated throughout the whole sail. I’ll always remember when Jonah (13) was at the wheel heading into the port of Naxos (where there’s always a lot of wind and swell). He didn’t seem to mind or fear the weather at all, and stood strong at the helm with the biggest smile on his face.

Patrik and I always say that our trip is as good as our guests’ trip. And, in this case, the Deloo family’s interactive sailing holiday was a great experience for everyone!

We hope to have many more charters just like this one!

"Patrik and Abbi were great instructors and company."
The Deloo family
Netherlands, August 2019

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